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Sporthotel Sillian, Our Residence on the Austrian Dolomites

Sporthotel Sillian, Our Residence on the Austrian Dolomites

We wanted cool weather, pure relaxation, an active lifestyle and healthy food. A trip to the Alps seemed like the perfect way to accomplish all of these goals. Especially when our home would have been the Sporthotel Sillian Dolomiten Residenz in Austria. …The name says it all!

SporthotelSillian, Our Residence

The Austrian Dolomites are less than a 4 hour drive from the north of Italy, where our trip starts… and the road to get there is anything but boring: first the beautiful hills of Veneto, covered with Amarone vineyards, then the fierce mountains of Trentino, scattered with Medieval castles that show their beauty at every turn of the road.

As we arrive to Sillian, we realize that opting for the Dolomiten Residenz Sporthotel was definitely the right choice. From the beautiful lobby one can enjoy a stunning view over the mountains dotted with beautiful spotted cows. The colors are so vibrant that I feel like I have never seen meadows this green before!

Ambra SportHotel Sillian 2
air view Dolomiten Residenz Sporthotel

The interior is also impeccable: minimalistic decor, unpolished wooden doors and led lighting give the ambiance a sophisticated look, sleek and rustic at the same time.

Ambra Sporthotel Sillian

After our arrival, we learn that not only does the hotel belong to the network of “Leading Spa Resorts” and has amazing facilities; the food (all complementary) is exactly what we were hoping for! A massive buffet covered with tens of bowls of salads, raw and cooked vegetables, and fish awaits us every single day!

Sport Hotel Sillian, Austria
Sport Hotel Sillian, Austria

The food options were insane and they were different every day: from zucchini noodles, to tuna salads, fresh fish and beef broth (with no nightshades nor spices) that was my perfect AIP staple before I started every meal!

Above you see an example of what I used to fill my plate with everyday (the plate with beans was my husband’s)… and yes, I was even able to get my morning dandelion latte everyday! I gave a can of coconut milk to the barista and every morning he would warm it up for me so that I could pour it over the mixed powder I brought from home mede of dandelion, carob and collagen!

Sport Hotel Sillian, Austria
Sport Hotel Sillian, Austria

As per dinner, the staff would check in with me every morning to plan my meal, making sure that all of the ingredients used were AIP approved.

Take a look at the photo above… it went pretty well with that too! ;)

Abmra Austria,

The property is conveniently located at the feet of the gondola and at the crossroad between some stunning hiking and biking trails. We rented mountain bikes and rode our way to Italy one day and to Lienz the other day. Like it was nothing…

Dolomites, Alps
Ambra Sillian Jumping

Having muscle pain has never felt better given the amazing spa therapies we indulged in afterwards!The treatments were so good and so reasonably priced that we literally killed the spa! 😉 Couple massage with rosemary oil, Arnica peeling wrap, and Almond oil foot reflexology were just a few of my favorites

bedroom Sillian

And afterwards, hanging out at the spa couldn’t be any more entertaining: 6 different types of saunas, ultraviolet and infrared beds, relaxing water pads and steam rooms where everyday they provide a different kind of natural scrub to use for free.
If you can get over the fact that’s coed and that being naked it’s a requirement… you’re all set! ;)

Ambra sauna
Dolomites, Alps

Alternatively, get the room with the private sauna. We booked that and there was nothing better at night than enjoying the dry heat infused with pine essence while the mountains outside get chilly.

Ambra Sauna 2
Ambra at spa

I can’t wait to be back at the Sporthotel Sillian in the winter! I just need to learn how to ski and I am good to go!

Residence on the Austrian Dolomites
Austria, Spa, hotel reviews
Austria, Spa, hotel
dron Sporthotel Sillian

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  • Allison September 9, 2016 8:44 am

    Never been to a sport hotel before, but it definitely seems like the move! I always struggle with staying in shape while on vacation and this looks like the perfect combination of the two!

    • ambra September 9, 2016 7:00 pm

      It definitely is Allison!! And the massive amount of biking and hiking trails around us made staying in shape a pleasure!!

  • LUCY January 6, 2017 11:22 am

    this looks amazing, can You tell me pleasehow did You arrange your food restriction with the hotel.

    • ambra January 7, 2017 12:53 am

      Hey Lucy, I wrote about it in the post, so you can read about what I ate above.
      I just informed the restaurant manager about my food restrictions and everyday at breakfast they had pick up the dinner I wanted to be served for the day, making sure the ingredients were all safe for me to eat.
      Hope you’ll get a chance to visit!!


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