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How To Eat Healthy in a Hotel Room – Healthy Travel Food

How To Eat Healthy in a Hotel Room – Healthy Travel Food

From a health stand point, traveling is as much fun as it is challenging. Many times, staying in hotels or resorts sends us home with lots of beautiful memories… but with a few additional pounds as well!

For this reason, I always prefer renting apartments so that I can have my own kitchen and prepare healthy food for me and my husband… but, when this is not possible, even a hotel room can be transformed into an improvised kitchen!

Bring along some airtightcontainers; ask room service to provide you with some kitchenware; and follow these tips that can make your vacation or business trip healthier than ever!!

Here are my 3 Steps to Eat Healthy in a Hotel Room:

Ask room service to empty the minibar

As soon as I check into my hotel, I inform the front desk that I am on a ‘special’ diet and that I need to store my own food in the minibar. They immediately send somebody in my room toremove all the snacks and sodas from my little in room fridge and I have a cool place to store my healthy foods!

Don’t forget to ask! In most cases, minibars have sensors that automatically charge you when you move one of the items from its place.

Also, make sure the kitchen is nice and has everything you need. And if the pictures on the website aren’t clear enough, don’t be shy and ask the owner: “Can you send more photos? Do you have a blender? Is there an oven?”

Having a nice kitchen, where you can actually enjoy cooking, will make you feel like you want to spend more time in there and create deliciously healthy meals.

Find the nearest health food store and stock up on healthy stuff!

No matter where you are, the information is all there: just one click away from you. Use Google or Yelp and locate a health food store you trust, or even a simple grocery store. Nowadays, even generic markets offer an organic produce section… and if you need ideas about what to buy, watch this video where I show how I always eat healthy in a hotel room and share ideas to prepare healthy food on the go.

Buy water!!

This might be the most important one! In fact, staying properly hydrated is the key to staying healthy. Not only every organ in our body needs water to work correctly, sometimeswe confuse hungerfor thirst. And a big glass of water can prevent us form snacking on unnecessary calories!

Because most of the time, even small bottles of water are sold in hotels for extortionist prices, so we end up drinking less. So make sure you have plenty of water stocked up in your room that you can drink in your hotel or when you leave for the day going hiking or sightseeing.


It’s by following these same tips that I created healthy food on the go like the one you see in these pictures: from Raw Lasagna, to Brown Rice Spring Rolls (both savory and sweet) and Kale Noodle Salad…

Like I always say, there are no excuses for not eating healthy, and it’s only hard until it becomes a habit!

Now it’s on you!

What are your tricks on how to eat healthy in a hotel room? Do you have any other favorite healthy snacks to carry along when traveling?

Share all the details in the comments below. Lots of other travelers need to get inspired to prepare their own healthy travel food!

Thank you so much for watching, commenting and sharing!
I will see you next week with more healthy travel tips!!

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