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Detox Tips


What Are Toxins Exactly?

Toxins are substances like heavy metals, free radicals and metabolic end products that can cause harm to the body tissues, leading to toxicity and cellular damage. They can enter our body through food, air and water, as well as being produced within our body through chemical processes.
In the beautiful machine called the human body, everything is there for a reason. And our liver is perfectly designed to help rid our blood of toxins.

Why Do We Need To Detox Our Liver?

The liver is one of the hardest working organs in our body, responsible for over 500 functions. It performs essential roles in our metabolism, immune, digestive and detoxification systems.

Commonly known as the body’s main detox organ, the liver filters our blood protecting our body from the damage provoked by toxins.
Since it is also responsible for filtering and processing our hormones, for all those who suffer from hormonal imbalances such as excess estrogens and faulty insulin production, focusing some attention on the liver is essential.
In order to facilitate our liver in successfully detoxifying our body, we need to treat it well so that it can work at a faster pace and not get overloaded with excessive toxins. Are we doing everything we can to help this process?

7 REASONS Why You May Need To Detoxify Your Liver

There are several reasons why detoxing your liver may be a good idea.  If you can see yourself portrayed in one of these 7 behaviors, you may consider investing some energy in doing a cleanse.

You Eat a Diet Rich In Saturated and Processed Fats:

1. If you are consuming a lot of processed or fried foods (even vegan ones!!!) and animal products loaded with saturated fats, your liver might be overloaded with work. All of these foods in fact are really hard to break down and digest, and they produce lots of toxic byproducts when being digested. Eating them causes our liver to work extra hard.

You Follow A Diet Rich In Processed Carbohydrates:

2. White bread and pastas, baked goods made with refined flours, sugary drinks and candies all demand extra effort from our liver to keep the blood sugar levels stable and to remove the toxic substances these foods contain.

Thriving on a diet rich in processed carbohydrate compels our liver to work over time.

You Drink Alcohol or Take Prescription Drugs:

3. Alcohol and drugs are some of the hardest substances to filter. Their consumption can inhibit the proper functioning of your liver and lead to liver damage such as fatty liver or cirrhosis.

You Live in a Polluted Environment:

4. The air we breathe can be full of pollutants. From car exhaust to cleaning products (like shampoo or laundry detergent), from passive smoke to industrial byproducts and pesticides, we are exposed to a plethora of toxins that sneak in through our lungs and get sent to the liver to be processed. Can you believe that toxic air is another agent that contributes to liver overload?!

You Don’t Get Enough Sleep and Rest:

5. In order for the liver to function optimally, you need to be getting enough sleep. This organ is most active between 1 and 3 am and if you are not in a deep sleep by then, it is possible that your liver does not have the time it needs to perform its job properly.

You Over Train:

6. Let’s specify: working out is an extremely important activity, essential for pumping your blood and facilitate the detox process. However, when physical activity is taken too far, it can lead to the production of free radicals that the liver may not have the resources to properly process. If you exercise too much, giving your liver a break might be a smart move.

You Don’t Get Enough Nutrients in Your Diet:

7. The liver relies on essential nutrients to facilitate its functionality. A steady supply of Folic Acid, Vitamin C, B3, B6 and E, essential Amino Acids like Glycine and Taurine, as well as Calcium are needed for properly completing the detoxification processes. If your diet has been low in these substances, chances are your body’s inner detox system has slowed down.

Now, Do You Think You Need A Detox Too?

Detoxing is commonly mistaken for a cheap attempt to lose weight.

Now that you know its true purpose and how easy it is to overload our body with toxins, considering doing a cleanse might not seem as crazy as it did before!! Right?!

No food, lots of rest, water and… green juice!!!

The longest I stayed on a cleanse was 8 and ½ days. I went with absolutely no food without experiencing any symptoms of hunger or fatigue. Crazy, huh? The results were incredible: clearer skin, lighter, more energized, rejuvenated, amazing…

When you only consume juice, your system is flooded with an abundance of vitamins,minerals and phytonutrients that help your body removing toxins, lower the risk of life-threatening diseases, strengthen your immune system and basically reboot your overall energy levels!

Cleansing your body is something you owe to yourself. You’ll never feel better and grateful enough for experiencing it.

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