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Detox Cleanse FAQ

1. Was I hungry?

It’s hard to feel hungry when you consume the juice equivalent of 13 lbs of fruit and vegetables!! 7 bottles of 330ml juice equate to a total of 1,200 calories, not including supplements. So yes, I felt totally nourished.

Of course, you’ll have cravings. Since I was in Thailand when I did my cleanse, my biggest obsession was Pineapple-Fried Rice. But after the 4th day I was repulsed by heavy, greasy foods and most of the time I just wanted more juice.

If you are concerned about losing weight or mass, drink some home made nut milk or add a scoop of a high quality vegan protein into one of your daily juices. This will help you maintain muscle, but, in order to get optimal results, I normally skip it to give the liver a rest and allow it to fully complete the detoxification process.

2. Did I have energy?

I will be honest: energy comes and goes. Every day there’s a moment or two when you feel you want to quit. My best tip is… resist! Occupy yourself, drink water, sip on some juice and that overwhelming moment will pass.

If you experience a sense of lethargy and headaches, know that these are caused by the body’s efforts to expel toxins through the liver.

3. Was it hard?

I was extremely fortunate to have every tool at my disposal to make the cleanse successful, which I believe is the only hard part. I planned ahead ensuring I could have constant access to juice, supplements and fibers. Doing a cleanse is a mental commitment, and you need to plan the time in your life to reward yourself with this challenge.

If you have to do this at home it’s imperative to remove all temptations. Put all the storable food somewhere out of sight and always have a fresh juice ready to grab in the kitchen. When you’re hungry and tired and still have to make it, you’re going to fail.

4. Can I workout during the cleanse?

During the pre cleanse and the first day of your detox, you can definitely hit the gym with 80% of the intensity you normally put in. The following days, take it easy and only focus on some push ups, abs and light cardio… but most importantly, remember, cleansing is a spiritual activity as much as it is physical. Taking a break from everything means fully committing to your detoxification process.

5. I have to work, run errands… what if I’m traveling?

Whether you need to go the office, run errands or travel, these are not good excuses to quit! And with these essentials, you can get easily through your day:

  • Dehydrated Coconut Water: Simply mix it with water and in a second you have a drink with all the electrolytes and sugar to you need to keep you going.
  • Superfood Powder: If you can’t juice, mix this in instead. Two scoops will have nearly all the vitamins, minerals and protein of a vegetable juice. The best I’ve ever found is Amazon Chocolate, an organicblend of Green Foods, Super Fruits, Sea Vegetables, Probiotic Cultures and Amazonia Cocoa Beans. One serving delivers more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants than 5 full servings of fresh fruits and vegetables… and it also tastes delicious!
  • Spiriluna: This powder that comes from a seaweed is the highest concentrated substance on the planet. It suppresses hunger and provides an incredible amount of antioxidants and protein.
  • Chlorophyll: Excellent for removing toxins like heavy metals (mercury, lead, etc.) from the blood and body.
  • Protein Powder: 30 grams a day of SunWarrior Protein, a high quality, non GMO, all vegan supplement made from brown rice and peas, can get you through the day. It also has all 11 essential amino acids for the best possible absorption.

If you want to buy these supplements I recommend using iHerb. They ship anywhere in the world and ship for free in the US for orders over $20.

Use this link and enter the promo code: MDN970 to get $10.00 OFF your first iHerb purchase.

6. How do I break the fast?

Start slow and continue to drink juice for the first day of your post cleanse, to which you’ll addraw fruit and veggies (make sure you consume all organic food for the 2-3 days following the cleanse). From there, slowly introduce light cooked food (such as rice or steamed veggies) into your diet, while always maintaining lots of juice and vegetables as a staple.

7. What next?

The true purpose of the cleanse is long-term health. Now that your body just underwent a transformation, commit to your health and make an effort to not reintroducing those nasty substances in your diet. It will never be easier as it could be in this moment, right after you completed a cleanse.

If you still have doubts and can’t get your head around getting through 7 days with no food… here’s my answer.

One juice at a time.

…and, oh, if you are still not convinced, watch the documentary ‘Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead‘. You’ll be amazed by the incredible results of Joe Cross‘ 60 Day Challenge!

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