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Blue Point Bay Villas in Uluwatu, Bali

Blue Point Bay Villas in Uluwatu, Bali

It’s weird how after a while, when memories start to fade, only a couple of emotions stand out and tinge the entire experience with one predominant sensation.

When I think back to our stay at the Blue Point Bay Villas in Uluwatu, Bali, I am hit by a sense of… oppressive heat!

Blue Point Bay

Don’t get me wrong, the place was stunning and, of course, I am deeply grateful I got to stay in such a wonderful resort.

wonderful resort Bali

That view over the cliffs diving in the Indian Ocean and those fierce waves ridden by some of the most ambitious surfers in the world utterly magnetized our attention.

Look at Indian Ocean
Indian Ocean

The wonderful outdoor lobby lounge immediately became our office. What better setup can a digital nomad wish for?


Despite the inspiring atmosphere though, our business lagged. The brutal Balinese February literally took our breath away, making us tired and unproductive. Executing simple tasks on the computer felt like a chore.

Blue Point Bay

It’s easy to say we shouldn’t complain given the stunning location in Uluwatu that we were able to call home for a bit. But just around the beginning of the afternoon, when the breeze vanishes, the air gets so hot and saturated with humidity that if feels like human lungs are just not meant to process it

Ambra Bali, Asia

We’d get revamped at dusk though, when the epic infinity pool of the Blue Point Bay Villas started to cool down. Right at that time the resort would become one of the most legendary backyards we had ever had.

pool Uluwatu, Bali

We used to glide in the water until night and then again we’d hang out there at sunrise, watching the surfers walk the 1,000 steps down the cliff that take the to the remote beach and the open ocean.

Ambra Blue Point Bay Villas
Alec Blue Point Bay Villas

Too bad the beauty of the scenery didn’t manage to make up for the severity of the oppressive weather.

Blue Point Bay Villas in Uluwatu2

As soon as our driver told us the Four Seasons in Ubud is immersed in the rain forest, which is 9 degrees Celsius colder then Uluwatu, we were all packed.

Goodbye Blue Point Bay Villas. We are ready to move in to the jungle!

Uluwatu Bali sunset
Blue Point Bay
Ambra Villas in Uluwatu
Blue Point Bay Villas in Uluwatu
Bali Asia
Asia Uluwatu

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