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5 Steps to Easy and Successful Cleansing


In the Detox Tips page we talked a lot about toxins and the 7 reasons for cleansing and detoxifying the liver.
Here are 5 practical tips that can help you succeed in your juice cleanse!

1) Do a Pre Cleanse!

For the 2 or 3 days preceding your cleanse, prepare your body only eating organic, raw vegetables, fruit and nuts. After the Pre-Cleanse phase, test your PH level. If it’s over 7, you’re ready to start!

2) Get Your Supplements!


To make things easier for your body and give yourself more chances to succeed, provide your body with high quality nutrients.

Chlorophyll and Spiriluna will help you replenish the system and suppress hunger; vegetable fibers such as Psyllium Husk or Bentonyte Clay can help to absorb the toxins and expel them.

I have tried many brands, but the one that gave me the best results is by far Arise & Shine. I went through a 8 and ½ day cleanse like it was a breeze, without feeling any symptoms of hunger or fatigue!

3) Juice Up!

If you are a DIY kind of person, you can simply buy organic vegetables (about 6 kilos per day per person) and start juicing! Getting a good juicer will help you save a lot of time and get a higher amount of juice out of your veggies. I like the Belkin: for a reasonable price this machine offers high-end capabilities, it extracts all the pulp leaving only pure juice.


If you don’t have time for juicing, buy organic juice (better if cold pressed) at a trusted local juicery. Especially during a cleanse, choosing organic is particularly important as it will shield you from introducing new toxins into your system (non-organic produce in fact can be contaminated with GMO’s and pesticides).

When you select your juices, make sure they don’t contain any sweeteners (often times juiceries add agave syrup in their concoctions) and stay away from fruits with a high glycemic index such as grapes, pineapple or watermelon. Remember, your goal here is to help your liver to expel toxins, so opt for vegetable juices richer in vitamins, nutrients and protein!

4) Stay hydrated!


To prevent feelings of headache or fatigue, drink a lot water – the essential liquid that expels the toxins from the body – and make sure you approach 5 liters a day (mineral water like Aqua Panna, Fiji, Evian are the richest in nutrients).

Coconut Water is also really important in helping you replenish your electrolytes and boosting you energy… needless to say, it’s delicious!!

5) Plan Ahead & Do It With a Friend!

When you decide to start a cleanse, clear your schedule completely. Take a week off or even use vacation time if you have to. Detoxing also means clearing your mind, and proper cleansing requires taking a mental break.

Don’t under estimate the value in having a partner: Doing this alone, especially for your first time, would be very difficult. It’s too easy to give up or fall into temptation and the presence of someone else keeps you accountable!

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